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There are four new tracks online on Soundcloud! Lazy Afternoon is a beautiful ballad written by Jerome Moross. I heard this tune for this first time on a record from Pete La Roca, called Basra. This is a fantastic album from 1965 with Joe Henderson on tenor saxophone, Steve Kuhn on piano, Steve Swallow on bass, and Pete La Roca on drums. Effendi is a live recording from 2014. The original composition can be heard on an album from 1991, called Inception. Mister Kenyatta is a great composition by Lee Morgan and the last track is a composition by Hank Mobley. Thanks for listening.

Recording and mixing by Jasper Ras.

Recording and mixing by Jeroen Ransijn.

Recording and mixing by Alberto Quintavo.

Recording and mixing by Alberto Quintavo.

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Thomas Visser

Thomas de Visser is a professional drummer who specializes in jazz whilst also having stage and studio experience in a large variety of music styles.