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Two new videos are online now! In 2016 my quintet played the great tune Mister Kenyatta by Lee Morgan, live in The Hague. This tune was originally released by Lee Morgan in 1966 on one of my favourite albums. This is my take on his classic composition, starting with a drumsolo. The other video is a recording by the Laurence Fish Trio from 2015. Dear Old Stockholm is an old folk song from Sweden written by Anders Fryxell. Max Bruch borrowed the melody in its entirety in the first movement of his Concerto for clarinet, viola and orchestra, composed in 1911. The song would later become a jazz standard and was recorded by many great jazz artists such as Stan Getz, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

Recording and mixing by Alberto Quintavo.

Recording and mixing by Jasper Ras.

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Thomas de Visser

Thomas de Visser is a professional drummer who specializes in jazz whilst also having stage and studio experience in a large variety of music styles.